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Citing Sources

AlpinLuke: keep your posts about the same argument in one thread.

Степаненко, Андрей Георгиевич[edit]

My database contains 3598 dated historical evidence of colonial crops. I analyzed everything and built and evaluated many dozens of graphs. You are trying to discuss with me, but you still need to learn a lot for this. Create YOUR OWN database of 155 thousand dated events, and maybe you can talk to me on an equal footing.

две главы в США https://historum.com/forums/north-american-history.26/

Slavery and demography in the USA - 2[edit]

I want to read 200-300 merchants for slaves from different states of the USA and in different combinations: selling with an estate, selling without an estate, selling runaway slaves. USA. 1810-1860.


deaf tuner: If You like to talk and listen Yourself talking, You are in the wrong place: we like to discuss and debate on this forum, not to hear interminable monologues. You don't have sources, meaning You don't know what you're talking about.

1. There is no need for slaves in the United States until the advent of the cotton and sugar industries (1810-1820), which calls into question the entire history of the slave trade in the United States 2. Demographic statistics of Liberia and Sierra Leone call into question the chronology of the struggle of England with the slave trade 3. Demographic statistics on emigration from Europe to the USA have serious gaps 4. US demographic statistics of the 19th century lose up to 13 million people 5. There is a legal tradition of slavery for debts, transfer of amanats and devshirma, and there is no legal tradition of American slavery.

проблемы по существу... - о каком рабстве можно говорить, если до 19 века нет сахарной и хлопковой индустрии? - если освобожденных рабов высаживали в Либерии 85 лет подряд, то почему чужаков там не более 10 %? - какая правовая традиция лежит под американским вариантом рабовладения? Почему нет корней? Не рискнул ни один.

I don’t have time to fight with competent trolling.

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